The Esendex C++ SMS SDK uses a lightweight COM component that can be freely distributed with your application to aid in the integration with the Esendex REST API.

Functionality provided by the SDK includes sending SMS, receiving SMS, receiving events, Account management and Contact management.


The text below details important information on installing the SDK and external components, general usage instructions, description of the downloads and links to other information you may find useful.


In order to use the Esendex C++ SMS SDK, you need the Esendex COM component; EsendexSdk2.dll. You can find the latest C++ SDK in our Downloads section.


To use the COM component, you must register it with the system. To do this, execute the following in a command prompt:

REGSVR32 EsendexSdk2.DLL/p>

You will see a message indicating whether the component has successfully been registered.

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All companies can benefit from effective communication by sending bulk sms, with both its customers and its suppliers or employees. No matter if your company is a neighborhood store or a multinational, good communication makes a difference.

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