The Esendex Perl SMS SDK acts as a wrapper library that exposes a FormPost interface to enable developers to integrate SMS functionality into their applications.

This provides easy, reliable communication over secure and non-secure services.

You can download the latest Perl SDK by clicking here.


The Esendex Perl SMS SDK was developed using version 5.8.6 of ActivePerl and it is recommended you download and install the latest version before you use the SDK from Activestate.

The SDK uses SSL via the LWP::UserAgent library. For a secure connection (which Esendex highly recommends), this requires the installation of the Crypt::SSLeay module if it is not already installed in your Perl library.

REGSVR32 EsendexSdk2.DLL

You will see a message that the component has been successfully registered.

Note: This component is not compatible with 64bit versions of Windows

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Success stories and use by industry

All companies can benefit from effective communication by sending bulk sms, with both its customers and its suppliers or employees. No matter if your company is a neighborhood store or a multinational, good communication makes a difference.

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