Send Bulk SMS

Sending and receive SMS online

Save money in your marketing and communication strategy using SMS. Comunicate efficiently with your clients, send online bulk SMS or integrate your applications using our API. Easy, quick, and inexpensive.

High quality. Direct connection with operators.

Send more than 1500 SMS/seconds to more than 220 countries.

Customizable sender

Put the name of your business in the message header and create a brand.

Follows the LOPD

Your customers can now exercise their right to no longer receive messages through our STOP SMS.

Attach a link to the SMS

Extensive information by entering a link to your mobile website.

Online bulk SMS features

You don't need to install any software, our platform is in the cloud and can be accessed from any device

See delivery reports

View in real-time and online when your customers receive the message.

Address book

Powerful address book for contacts and groups.

Programming messages

Leave your campaign programmed with the date and hour that you want.

Unicode characters

Our platform supports Unicode characters.

Template for SMS

Don't always write the same message, save it.

Sub - accounts

Ability to manage sub-accounts and control your spendings.

Customizable sender

Enter the brand name of your company or phone number as the sender.

Sending bulk SMS with Landing Page

Create a mobile adapted website with our editor and attach it to the SMS, your customers will be able to expand more information, call or answer directly to your business.

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SMS vs Email Marketing - Comparison

Starting rate

98% of SMS are open, 90% of them in the first 3 minutes after receiving it

22% of EMAILS are open

Click rate

19% click rate in a link within an SMS

4,2% of click rate in a link within an EMAIL

Spam SMS

1% of the SMS we receive are spam

70% of the EMAILS we receive are spam

Worldwide users

6 billion mobile users, the mobile phone is viewed in average 150 times a day

3,6 billion EMAIL accounts created

Success stories and use by industry

All companies can benefit from effective communication by sending bulk sms, with both its customers and its suppliers or employees. No matter if your company is a neighborhood store or a multinational, good communication makes a difference.

API for sending bulk SMS from your own application or website

API for sending bulk SMS from your own application or website

  • Integration
  • High availability
  • Scalable
  • Maximum Security
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